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Our product's herbal ingredients create a potent formulation that has been traditionally used for men with sexual dysfunction such as impotence, low libido, premature ejaculation and erectile problem.  It also combines the most finely extracted herbs in precise quantities to produce the strongest, yet safest, herbal solution for men and women.

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Aggressive blend with a smoother experience.
 Less headaches.

Both products are:
  • 100% herbal formula
  • Feel the effects within 20 minutes
  • Experience a harder, longer lasting erection
  • Enhances sex drive and desire
  • Prolongs performance

For Men

  • Support healthy sexual functions
  • Promote confidence in sexual performance
  • Increase feelings of sexual arousal
  • Enhance sexual pleasure
For Women
  • Support sexual desire and arousal
  • Increase sensual feelings
  • Promote healthy sexual response
  • Enhance sexual pleasure


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  • We are based in the USA, this means a 2-3 days delivery time.

    • Delivery via Priority Mail (United States Post Service) is Free

    • USPS does not deliver on Holidays or Sundays for Priority.

  • You will receive a Delivery Number via e-mail upon shipment.

  • We provide customers multiple ways to contact Arize.ws for order status and/or to resolve issues.

  • We ship our product in a strong, discreet, small cardboard box and not in  a cheap padded envelope where your product can be crushed.


Priority Mail Shipping
You Save $6.00

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